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The Organic Farm

Spread over more than 150 acres, Mizpe Hayamim’s organic farm has flower beds, vegetable and herb gardens, fruit trees, livestock, ponds, streams and a dairy – all this and more, make it one of the most diverse organic farms in the world.
The farm is a central element in the worldview of Mizpe Hayamim, providing fresh seasonal produce for both the hotel’s vegetarian restaurant and the chef restaurant - Muscat. Almost everything we use is produced on the farm, fresh vegetables, a selection of boutique cheeses, jams, unique blends of coffee ground in-house and a selection of home-made pastries and sweets, even soaps are produced on the farm – these use herbs and spices and are filled with aromatic and soothing properties.
We recommend you join the morning tour of the farm. Walk the wooded paths, taste freshly picked vegetables, breathe in the fresh morning air and the sweet aromatic smell of a wide variety of herbs,  and remember the true taste and smell of nature's wonders.